Best advice I can give for your social media.


BUY THAT                 WHATEVER I HEAR!!    This new tool will give you a life and make you a super star in social media.  

Whatever.  Tools are not what social media is about.  (yes I do own a social media tool site that is not what this is about).

The wonderful thing about human beings is we have free choice, we have our own thoughts, our own will or our own won’t (my attempt at being funny).  Humans are wonderful the way we are made.  Your personality is unique.  Treat is as such.

Back to my headline, my best advice I can give you in social media.


Everyone is truly unique, we do not know (unless you do a degree on it) how it all works and why it works this way.  Some people are supportive some are out for themselves, some love the limelight others steer clear of it.  Some are going through real life bite on the butt type situations and so on.

The only thing is some things may need to be watered down a little (misconceptions, misunderstandings).  I am a Kiwi, through and through.

(My son being authentic)

If I say to you I am “Stoked” what does this imply to you?

What it means is I am excited, happy and elated.  It is my slang.  So unless your talking to friends that know you, be a little sensitive, provide a meaning or say I am elated.  Especially if your inclined to grow your audience in social media all countries included.

So please I hope you take away from this, be yourself.

  • rgv real estate

    fantastic story!! keep up this helpful stuff

  • Yanko Karamanov

    Great post. I like the way you thinking, but some times it is so much time consuming.Tools helps saving  time.

    • Lisa Lomas

      I agree Yanko, tools do save time.