What goes around, comes around!


What an earth are you yapping about this time Lisa I can hear you yelling at me, shhh I want to think!

Someone once asked me, why are you nice to everyone.  I explained I build bridges not create gauges.  I believe when dealing with any  human being in any type of style if you give good out, you get good back.

I feel it is often misunderstood something as simple as a recommendation.  If you were to recommend or give a testimonial as to your good experience with a colleague or someone you have worked along side, why not give them a thumbs up in cyber land?  Will it hurt you to give someone something that shows the outside world, they are good and honest.

I have been fortunate enough, I have many good friends online.  Yes it is a bit different at times than my offline friends but just because they do not know how my  coffee is made they still know my character.

If you are online and you swear lots, be abusive and rude then that is what people will remember you for.  If you give and give, then that is what you will be remembered for.

I am reminded of a story I was told many years ago by my dad when writing this:

A little boy was learning to control his temper, his father said “every time you get angry hit a nail in the fence” the little boy continued to do this and soon over days he got better at controlling his anger.  The little boy explained to his father that he was not hitting any nails in any more.  The father said to his son, now for every day you do not get angry, take a nail out.

Soon this boy had no nails in the fence.  He went back to his father and here in lies the lesson.

“Son it is very good you got a grip on your temper and anger, however your words are like that nail going in the wood.  Notice how you have a hole left.  You may of stopped however your words cause damage, and whenever you use words harshly you leave a hole.”  So best not utter those words as the scars from bad language & bad experiences never leaves.

My rendition however different shows how we must be in our dealings with all.  Your not cute getting angry, your not funny swearing at everyone.  If you want to grow your online presence, leave people with good experiences not a bitter taste in their mouths.

That is why today I say “What goes around, comes around”.  If you are unsupportive, you won’t be supported.  You make relationships in different ways online but still is a type of relationship.  If you are angry, negative is what you will get.  If you are unethical you will attract that into your business and your life.  So whatever you put around, make sure it is something you want back.  It is a lesson I learned very early in business.  If you do business online, be honest & ethical.    Nurture your online presence and your relationships.  Think clearly of those around you and be ready to say sorry if you have a miscommunication.  It all adds to your calliber.

With social media being a force it is, you really need it on your side.  So what are you putting around?


  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116837473521073067691/posts J.R. LeMar

    I used to try to be nice to everyone, but that’s a lot of work. Now I’m mainly indifferent to everyone, which works just as well.

    • Lisa Lomas

      Thanks for your comment :) I do not entertain idiots, however I do watch what I say.

  • http://www.listasegmentada.com Elisane

    your blog site is really awesome!

    • Lisa Lomas

      Thank you for saying.