Why use Google Plus?

I have been an audience to a ridicule section within many so called Expert Circles this week.  To be clear, I was disappointed.  The google + haters.  Their  post is quoted to say ” we don’t need another social network”.

Well it is a bit one eyed and controversial, (the reason I think these posts where made in the first place), so I got to thinking is their any Validity in their defaming attempts or attention seeking?

Well their claims to fame are the following points:

No real service – Google offers every user over 100 services.

The home page – It is a search engine……..search.  Who Cares!!

Intrusive- Turn it off if you do not want it helping you on searching or go to another search engine.  (you will probably use google anyway as its better).

We do not need another network! – OK, so are we getting anything new with google?

My first point I make is the Author Status.  My next is when you are using the google plus and someone else in your circles is, your personal recommendations show.  You can also have more than one business page.  Their are NO ADS (that is different to the other networks oh dear), so not detracting from your message.  Business pages are linked to places and maps.  Their are some changes that could easily be made their, however they have stated its always changing for the better.

Well instead of going off and rubbishing people I want to act a little adult in this matter.  How, what & why of this matter.  Why are they saying this? Maybe you know somewhat more on where they work and how that works and who is kissing up to whom.

No Real Service

Google has over 100 services, the ones known the most are as follows.  Lets just look at some popular ones.  I will just mention a few.

Adsense=you can earn on ads.

Analytics=Free website tool to show you usage on your site, gives you accurate measurements.

Gmail=Free email client

Google Plus=A version of Facebook, Twitter & a search engine rolled into one

Google Search=A in depth searcher of all information on the Internet.  The worlds most trusted search engine.

Only 5 mentioned here, I also use documents and online collaboration and sharing brilliant for teams as most other services are a cloud or paid.  Great for small business, getting so much support online with marketing.

So far with what I have mentioned it seems that the statements were more emotional or paid for.  I welcome the writers to explain what they meant and if we got the wrong end of the stick.  I am merely just another person on the web with an opinion, however I think some share this opinion with me.
For me personally, I enjoy the google experience.  I however have used it for some time and have come accustomed to using it now.  Also having great people around like +Chris Lang that is so in depth in explaining the details of google is so helpful.
So I really do not know where they are coming from, I just think with something this good with most on free services area we are pretty lucky to have such innovation around us.  I am looking forward to the next rule breaker & trend maker.  I love this type of action.


  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116837473521073067691/posts J.R. LeMar

    I’d love to use G+ more, but most people I know are still primarily on Facebook, the few who’ve also joined G+ never really use it. And I still get more interaction on FB. Like a couple of times I’ve needed advice (about buying a decent photoshop software program, and buying a straight-razor) and have posed the question @ the same time on both networks, I got several responses on FB but none of G+. So it just doesn’t seem as useful yet. But I know that may change in the future.

    • Lisa Lomas

      I have not had that issue as I have added quite a few google employees, they have such great content it amazes me the boss lets them. G+ has an interesting vibe, I have to say I use most social medias in some way, you I am sure have built a good network on FB that truly pays dividends. I am glad to meet you, not connected on FB but G+ so must be working, lmao.

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