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Why use Google Plus?

I have been an audience to a ridicule section within many so called Expert Circles this week.  To be clear, I was disappointed.  The google + haters.  Their  post is quoted to say ” we don’t need another social network”. Well it is a bit one eyed and controversial, (the reason I think these posts

Alexa traffic stats, (what do we learn)?


It was fun today looking through some statistics.  Alexa Statistics and I also wondered how many really know what it does?   Personally I enjoy getting my teeth into what is working, what is making headway in the Internet space.  Actually it could help us all.  Many small business owners have a limited budget for

Where to go to learn wordpress!

If you have heard the marketing buzz, most are in favour of WordPress.  Why wordpress? WordPress is an authentic easy to use blogging service, important to note you remain to have total control in securing hosting. This does not even need to be costly, $5.00 – $10.00 month for blog hosting I do not consider

Setting up your marketing for an online radio

Not sure if any of you have ever thought of radio for your branding, your exposure.   I tend to think if people know your name that is a big start. I quite often find myself going to a person I know before anyone else, are you the same? So for those that already have

Why streaming radio stations online?

Gone are the days with Radio only being offline, live streaming radio stations online are the way.  Look at all the popular radio stations they are now all online showing a strength in online media. What does this tell you? Moving with the times is what we have come to learn with the internet becoming

Confusion, all in a day in cyber land!

Imagine this, you have yet another email from a place you joined years ago.  They decided to turn you back on and start emailing you.  This with us as humans is we grow, we learn and we improve.  With this comes a block, yes a block to previous things you may of once been susceptible with and now you are probably not as confused.

Believe me, you can go ahead and clear this clutter.  I know some play tactics when you are leaving a group, but really you are just a number if it is at that point and there is no real interaction.

We cause alot of our confusion so I wanted to share a few tips with your confusion with sites, emails and dealing with this over load.

Be really specific about why you are online!

You maybe on to have a game, catch up with friends and so on.  You may work online so what is your focus.  Success comes to those focused.

Focus so you reach success.

Does this site/email come under something that deserves your focus?

Is this message not even something you do anymore, then be wise and see if it has no value to delete but do not stop there.  Make sure you unsubscribe.  By law in New Zealand, they can only subscribe and email you if you have opted in by a two step system.  Also if you ask to be removed, they have to oblige.

If a site, why are you a member?

I had this occurence today, I got a email I had not seen for ages.  They made some quirky joke about them being out of action, I realised they were not active and also if I am going to stay true to social media then their inactivity in unprofessional.  Long story short, it did not apply to my life.  They did all those so called mind tricks.  We just removed your website from 20 hundred lists, sorry to see you go and my favourite, “we just removed you notice”.  It is almost like they have a box of tissues and they are upset your leaving.  Hey you automail me and have not added me on facebook or twitter so please don not.  This is a technique to keep you there.  So do not buy it.

Look through your memberships and keep asking yourself these questions:

  • Does this give me value to my life or work?
  • Does this entertain or bore me?
  • Do I like being here?  (very very important)
  • If you get a no from any of these

We are ultimately our own worse enemies with confusion online.  It is best practice to make sure you are using what you do, and even if you write a list on your computer or on a notebook to keep tabs  if that keeps you in control.  The point is, we can turn off our computers and we can claim back our own time, time we want to put into something of value in our lives or something we value.

Best advice I can give for your social media.


BUY THAT                 WHATEVER I HEAR!!    This new tool will give you a life and make you a super star in social media.  

Whatever.  Tools are not what social media is about.  (yes I do own a social media tool site that is not what this is about).

The wonderful thing about human beings is we have free choice, we have our own thoughts, our own will or our own won’t (my attempt at being funny).  Humans are wonderful the way we are made.  Your personality is unique.  Treat is as such.

Back to my headline, my best advice I can give you in social media.


Everyone is truly unique, we do not know (unless you do a degree on it) how it all works and why it works this way.  Some people are supportive some are out for themselves, some love the limelight others steer clear of it.  Some are going through real life bite on the butt type situations and so on.

The only thing is some things may need to be watered down a little (misconceptions, misunderstandings).  I am a Kiwi, through and through.

(My son being authentic)

If I say to you I am “Stoked” what does this imply to you?

What it means is I am excited, happy and elated.  It is my slang.  So unless your talking to friends that know you, be a little sensitive, provide a meaning or say I am elated.  Especially if your inclined to grow your audience in social media all countries included.

So please I hope you take away from this, be yourself.

What goes around, comes around!


What an earth are you yapping about this time Lisa I can hear you yelling at me, shhh I want to think!

Someone once asked me, why are you nice to everyone.  I explained I build bridges not create gauges.  I believe when dealing with any  human being in any type of style if you give good out, you get good back.

I feel it is often misunderstood something as simple as a recommendation.  If you were to recommend or give a testimonial as to your good experience with a colleague or someone you have worked along side, why not give them a thumbs up in cyber land?  Will it hurt you to give someone something that shows the outside world, they are good and honest.

I have been fortunate enough, I have many good friends online.  Yes it is a bit different at times than my offline friends but just because they do not know how my  coffee is made they still know my character.

If you are online and you swear lots, be abusive and rude then that is what people will remember you for.  If you give and give, then that is what you will be remembered for.

I am reminded of a story I was told many years ago by my dad when writing this:

A little boy was learning to control his temper, his father said “every time you get angry hit a nail in the fence” the little boy continued to do this and soon over days he got better at controlling his anger.  The little boy explained to his father that he was not hitting any nails in any more.  The father said to his son, now for every day you do not get angry, take a nail out.

Soon this boy had no nails in the fence.  He went back to his father and here in lies the lesson.

“Son it is very good you got a grip on your temper and anger, however your words are like that nail going in the wood.  Notice how you have a hole left.  You may of stopped however your words cause damage, and whenever you use words harshly you leave a hole.”  So best not utter those words as the scars from bad language & bad experiences never leaves.

My rendition however different shows how we must be in our dealings with all.  Your not cute getting angry, your not funny swearing at everyone.  If you want to grow your online presence, leave people with good experiences not a bitter taste in their mouths.

That is why today I say “What goes around, comes around”.  If you are unsupportive, you won’t be supported.  You make relationships in different ways online but still is a type of relationship.  If you are angry, negative is what you will get.  If you are unethical you will attract that into your business and your life.  So whatever you put around, make sure it is something you want back.  It is a lesson I learned very early in business.  If you do business online, be honest & ethical.    Nurture your online presence and your relationships.  Think clearly of those around you and be ready to say sorry if you have a miscommunication.  It all adds to your calliber.

With social media being a force it is, you really need it on your side.  So what are you putting around?



The Power of Social Media

Companies really need to be on tender hooks, if they are not being honest and giving a real descent customer experience.  When you read a experience with a purchase on a website, the buyer not happy at all, guess where it is written?

It is written on facebook, twitter & google plus, it shows up when ever someone searches for that company or that person that wronged them.  It is there for everyone to see, if deleted you ask for google cache.  Do not worry if someone has deleted it is still track-able just takes a bit more motivation and skills.

I was prompted to write about this today as I have a front row seat to a company giving a customer a bad experience.  Let me share what happened.




So in short, customer buys a product.  Customer not told out of stock.  Customer asks for money back.  Company will not give money back, despite asking and asking.  Now 3 weeks later customer has had a bad experience and shares on every form available, seeking to let everyone else know of this bad experience.

So what do you do if you have a bad experience with a supplier?  Where does one start?  I thought a few tips to get rolling and giving you an edge for due diligence maybe in order with all this BS going on.


So lets get started to give you a plan on researching anything you need to find out about before you loose your money!

Firstly start on google.

SEARCH you company or term, Note often the bad experiences are on page 3 and 4.  Companies can generate content to full up first few page searches but not to the 3rd and 4th generally.


SEARCH scam databases  CLICK HERE FOR PLACES  I generally use Eagle Research, Scam busters, google and mlm watchdog for most searches.  Also on google is it good to look on the left and instead of having the setting everything, just click on discussions.  Also google real time is a gem to find out more data.  That means if something is going on right now, you will know,  (you find this when not logged into google plus if your a google plus user).

Now I come back to the power of social media.  This is what social media is doing for us.  Stomping out the rubbish providers, bad experiences and giving us a better choice based on someone else.  It is time for us to stop saying but but but and really look into social media and find the answers.  Search engines now work very well along side social media.

So this is a negative way to use Social Media, (I would argue empowering), however most businesses have a dimension offline and this can be very useful.  Before the Internet we had no way of knowing if a court case was going on with a another person or if someone was left wanting (for lack of a better word).

If this was a positive experience for instance a wonderful holiday you had at a special location, then you have that on social media and it will show up for anyone else doing their due diligence.  Helping other people make better buying decisions.  So whether it be good or bad still needs monitoring by your company,  do not just leave it lie.

So companies now have to realise the power of social media, do not think because you can handle critisim that it will not effect your business.  Your clients/customers are using smart phones and computers to find things.  If it comes up with something they do not like, they will go elsewhere.

Just remember if you give a money back gaurantee, full fill it.

If you say gauranteed, then follow through.

If they have a query, answer it and follow up and give them a real experience.

If they email you, answer it.

It is when companies to do follow through, leave the customer hanging that creates this horrible presence on social media.  If people see a representative answer and handle the complaint, they will also see the genuine behaviour.  If they get their money back and not kept left hanging then experiences like this will not happen.  If however this company in this example keeps doing this, they will have less and less sales.

Ultimately customer satisfaction and social media have a strong power and that is why social media is very powerful to business.




Why use Google Plus?

I have been an audience to a ridicule section within many so called Expert Circles this week.  To be clear, I was disappointed.  The google + haters.  Their  post is quoted to say ” we don’t need another social network”.

Well it is a bit one eyed and controversial, (the reason I think these posts where made in the first place), so I got to thinking is their any Validity in their defaming attempts or attention seeking?

Well their claims to fame are the following points:

No real service – Google offers every user over 100 services.

The home page – It is a search engine……..search.  Who Cares!!

Intrusive- Turn it off if you do not want it helping you on searching or go to another search engine.  (you will probably use google anyway as its better).

We do not need another network! – OK, so are we getting anything new with google?

My first point I make is the Author Status.  My next is when you are using the google plus and someone else in your circles is, your personal recommendations show.  You can also have more than one business page.  Their are NO ADS (that is different to the other networks oh dear), so not detracting from your message.  Business pages are linked to places and maps.  Their are some changes that could easily be made their, however they have stated its always changing for the better.

Well instead of going off and rubbishing people I want to act a little adult in this matter.  How, what & why of this matter.  Why are they saying this? Maybe you know somewhat more on where they work and how that works and who is kissing up to whom.

No Real Service

Google has over 100 services, the ones known the most are as follows.  Lets just look at some popular ones.  I will just mention a few.

Adsense=you can earn on ads.

Analytics=Free website tool to show you usage on your site, gives you accurate measurements.

Gmail=Free email client

Google Plus=A version of Facebook, Twitter & a search engine rolled into one

Google Search=A in depth searcher of all information on the Internet.  The worlds most trusted search engine.

Only 5 mentioned here, I also use documents and online collaboration and sharing brilliant for teams as most other services are a cloud or paid.  Great for small business, getting so much support online with marketing.

So far with what I have mentioned it seems that the statements were more emotional or paid for.  I welcome the writers to explain what they meant and if we got the wrong end of the stick.  I am merely just another person on the web with an opinion, however I think some share this opinion with me.
For me personally, I enjoy the google experience.  I however have used it for some time and have come accustomed to using it now.  Also having great people around like +Chris Lang that is so in depth in explaining the details of google is so helpful.
So I really do not know where they are coming from, I just think with something this good with most on free services area we are pretty lucky to have such innovation around us.  I am looking forward to the next rule breaker & trend maker.  I love this type of action.


Do online businesses need a business Plan?


If your in business offline/online you are one of two things.  You love having fun online or you have a practical use and its a tool.  The computer is the tool of choice for writing a business plan of course, no one would contemplate even writing anything for any business or bank preparation.  (If it is just for fun, maybe this is not the right conversation).

If you are not an offline business, do you need a business plan?

Let me get you thinking and answering some of your own questions.  You consider your online business a proper business is that correct?

The wikipedia explains a business plan to be a means of tracking business goals.  You can go for something simple if you online, many online businesses may not do venture capital, staff expenditure and office rentals.  However saying this there are expenses and incomes, so if you earn then you need to do tax and so on.

No matter which country you live in, there is a saying that goes like this.  Only two things I am certain of, one is we all die.  The second is taxes, everyone pays taxes.  In New Zealand we have a tax obligation just like everyone else.  So with these parts involved it would be very wise to take notes and really get your concept together so it flows.  If you have had to build a site, you would if you were doing it right include:

  • Contact Us
  • Terms of Service
  • FAq’s
  • Content
  • Shop (perhaps)
So with a plan means you get the basics accounted for.  In a basic business plan you would expect the following:
  1. Model
  2. Marketing
  3. Strategy
  4. Team
  5. Financial
  6. Summary
You will of course have your own ideas, you may even have sales agents that get commission only or run an affiliate program which is a good idea, but that would have to be covered.
So in short, yes you need a business plan, it will give you direction & focus with your business Goals.  You can get a FREE BUSINESS PLAN from the New Zealand government and get yourself started.


Alexa traffic stats, (what do we learn)?


It was fun today looking through some statistics.  Alexa Statistics and I also wondered how many really know what it does?


Personally I enjoy getting my teeth into what is working, what is making headway in the Internet space.  Actually

it could help us all.  Many small business owners have a limited budget for traffic, sure there are plenty of ways

to get traffic but however it can be very costly.  You start with one monthly plan then the next before you know it

it will glow out of control. So best to investigate how to use the free sites. What is useful with this type of method

is who google loves, who Alexa loves. Who has a high pr site, as a high pr site means your positioning will also get

a boost.


Doing this analysis serves a few purposes.

Stops you wasting time on low pr (especially if your business is important to you)

Helps you focus on what will work

Creates more strategy

Shows where the trends of large activity are (it could mean where you potential clients/customers are)

Looking for the high sites does not necessarily mean you will use them all, for instance if you love writing then you will

only be interested in the high pr sites that offer a way to publish your written work. Look some of them are Chinese

or Indian if you only speak English, well you would not find much their useful of course. There are a few basic logical

ways to look upon this.


Note: Getting good at one, can also be just as powerful. It is not possible for one person to use all of the 50 correctly

and well executed. Also note many of the top 50 are search engines there it itself is a whole new topic.

Alexa is a very useful tool if PR is important to you. I would suggest you ask contacts that know your work to do a

review on Alexa. This is real human interaction which is kept and used and helps your rankings also. If you have a few

around ask them all, it will not hurt your standing at all. Also if your wanting to rank faster this is just perfect.



Let me show you what is important when your there!  For the sake of this example I will use New Zealand Herald, something we all know well


Site Info 

It should look like this once inserted.

Next click on “Get Details”

It should look like this:  ( lots of statistics)

First line you see Alexa Traffic Rank.

Next is clickable charts, one is called Traffic Stats, Search analytics, audience……….and so on.

If your site gets traffic, then take notes who your audience is and tune into that market.  Learn from this do not be insulted.

NOTE: New Zealand herald has 22,464

Sites Linking In  22464 links.  They rank 7 in New Zealand.  (Not the world just New Zealand).
NOTE: Alexa lets people give reviews.  Are their friends of yours or contacts you could do this for each others sites to help their being noticed.  Simple little things like this will let you know quite a bit.  That 22,464 is how many people are pointing back to this site.  So literally that is making it influential in this market.
So never think rank, influence on the internet cannot be achieved.  If you are strategic, very very possible my friends.  When you know where to look, half the battle is done.









Who did you recommend today?

Who should you endorse? 

WITH all the many recommendations tools, referral tools, social media tools like branch out stik, linkedin etc… have you ever had the next predicament?

 Someone asks for a recommendation/referral but you simply do not know them at all. Sure they added you as a friend, by their profile they have something quite impressive going on, but lets get down to basics. 

recommendation n

1. the act of recommending

2. something that recommends, esp a letter presenting someone as suitable for a job, etc.

3. something that is recommended, such as a course of action

Up above we see the basic meaning online through a dictionary. So you have to put yourself in line to help that person. You also maybe used for doing a job, now this means something more serious in the real world.  

The 3rd is quite extraordinary to think we can be asked a recommendation based on an action. So if we are used for a job that would place it on a par with a reference from a job. Do you realise  your recommendation is used for acquiring a real world job now? 

So instead of getting all analytical on you, I took up a task of looking a little deeper with the help of a trusted thesaurus.

Noun1.recommendation – something (as a course of action) that is recommended as advisable

advice – a proposal for an appropriate course of action

referral – a recommendation to consult the (professional) person or group to whom one has been referred; “the insurance company says that you need a written referral from your physician before seeing a specialist” 

2. recommendation – something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable good word, testimonial congratulations, extolling, kudos, praise – an expression of approval and commendation; “he always appreciated praise for his work” character reference, reference, character – a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person’s qualifications and dependability; “requests for character references are all too often answered evasively”puff – exaggerated praise (as for promotional purposes) 

3. recommendation – any quality or characteristic that gains a person a favorable reception or acceptance or admission; “her pleasant personality is already a recommendation”; “his wealth was not a passport into the exclusive circles of society”  passport

characteristic – a distinguishing quality

 So look upon this, advice , referral. I only do those in the real world if someone has impressed me or worked for me. I gave out references for those that I had some form of relationship with. How can we really give a recommendation for someone who we have never had this with : 

A working relationship

a personal relationship

a employer/employee relationship

a knowing of the persons abilities

a knowing of the persons strengths. 

So this would be used for their reputation, it would be used to show others their strengths, ability, praise of something good, build up their character online, as we have no way many times to correspond to offline world, or is that where we are wrong. Are we forgetting that this can be something that can also bring down our reputation? Are we forgetting if we give someone a testimonial and someone reading makes a judgment based on our comment that we have a ethical situation in process? Are you going to recommend someone you only added to your profile or read a few comments of? Are you really going to write a recommendation based on how they look in a photo, as I am suggesting in this paper. Research here is showing that it should produce the following scenario’s 

A recommendation/referral should be given in one circumstance.

You know something about them to be true and can pass a comment on it. 

So think to yourself next time someone asks you for a recommendation or referral. What do I know to be true of them? If you know nothing about them personally really ask yourself, am I giving my reputation a puncture if I say something is good or someone is good before I know it to be true and honest. 

My personal opinion has caused a lot of people getting a little upset with me. I have not known the person enough so cannot pass comment on another. I have met a lot of people, but If I have not got any information from the real world to comment on, I do feel I am putting my reputation on the line. I personally think the internet is merely a tool to assist real life. That is why local marketing works the best online, because it can be verified and supported. Hey I thought it was worth writing about as I think honesty is very important in everything you do.

What I have learned about Hosting!

My friends know me as a geek, however I am not the type of geek that can sit down and write up pages of code. My geek status comes from computers, love of them, procedures on them and what they can do. My marketing aspect.


You see I help people get their businesses on the internet. Just recently I helped get another blog up, I find it extremely rewarding to not only get the process done but actually provide education for the person at the other end. Meaning they come away with knowledge how to do the new tasks for blogging in this case. In this case the knowledge shared was about hosting & blogging.


What I realized when assisting my person with getting their blog up is I took for granted how long it took me to find the sort of hosting I can rely on.


What I needed for hosting was simple:


  1. Easy for any person to set up new account
  2. Easy for me to use and administer for websites or blogs.
  3. Affordable (no over charging like I see so often)
  4. Great Support (no support, no sale)
  5. Easy to get knowledge if doing something new
  6. Bandwidth that I was not buying more of all the time
  7. Space so I could upload as many pictures and plug-ins to my site as I wanted.
  8. Lets me pay off in chunks of cash.


Once you find a hoster that gives you all of this you have a very rewarding experience with anything on the internet. It becomes an open playing field. No longer expensive, no longer hard to find anything it was such a relief.


Hosting gives you back control of your web properties. Many are of the thought that you can do everything with free, but in no way do I endorse using methods that could be taken away. Fan pages get closed down, so do free sites. The only way I get closed down is if I stop paying.


So simple it was to choose in the end, I ended up organizing my very own side in New Zealand that is New Zealand operated. So anyone I knew from any country could gain reliable hosting.


I am glad that my experience taught me what to look out for. Hopefully I save those around me some compromising times as well.


A great support desk is what everyone needs, that is what you will get with Royal Host Unlimited. If you think it is all about money why this article is here, consider this, we will do a free package to get you acquainted. However I do recommend the $2.95 one to get more account features and awesome software in the cpanel. This is just the beginning for business.


Here is to your web presence.

What is a good ad in the Social Media space?

Social Media is its generic name, really it should say “where the people congregate”.

Purely people power.  So you get mums, dads, retires, kids all sorts.  It is general population.  There in itself is your key.  Lets take a moment and look over Face-book ads.

An ad needs to appeal.

It must not seem like an ad really, you will not put up a ad saying “buy this” or “Buy that” etc… it does not work!

However if you give them something, let us say something they want.  So if it was a child you were trying to attract, (teen) it maybe a cool movie or new free ring-tone.  If it was a retiree, so there is lies your answer.

Do not make it salesy.  Make it appeal to the audience your targetting.  So if you popped an ad with a boating group, you simply would not put waxing kit up.  If you had a ladies cosmetic group, you would not put boating stuff up.

So think of your audience, give what would be perceived as value.  This would be the quickest way to obtain some leverage from this tactic.  There is tracking also and many other dynamics you need to look at, always track everything I hope you know.  Ultimately lets summarise.

Know your audience

Know what your audience perceives as value

Know where to place and attract


Now you have your 3 point ad system for face book.  Sure there are more details, but for a summary this is your most important parts.  Take a look around at advertisements, watch which ones capture your attention.  Look at which ones your friends have clicked on, this will give you some idea of the viral nature and the power behind their system on face book.

Just remember on google ads, it is different.  There is just different ways to obtain leverage with any style.  Make sure you test & track so as not to waste your hard earned money.